Warehouse Service

USL offers an unrivalled level of service for landside operations. We know how important the ability to store freight and cargo is for our customers. For this reason, we ensure complete and utter focus on warehousing and distribution. We have established global storage facilities, making it easy for us to provide local logistics solutions to our customers. They can move their cargo anywhere in the world, whenever they like.

USL’s experienced workforce provides efficient and cost-effective warehousing and storage services. You can expect consistent, prompt, reliable logistics and distribution.

Our warehousing gives customers enhanced speed, efficiency and flexibility. Due to our global network, we offer a wide range of services. We give customers assurance that their supply chain is in good hands. 

Furthermore, our warehouses provide comprehensive pick & pack, de-stuff & palletise, bulk stack and storage services and facilities. This means that along with the fast transportation of goods, USL plays a key role in the coordination of your distribution. Your goods will be safe at all times and can be released whenever you need them.

We have the ideal location for handling all types of cargo. USL facilities allow a smooth and seamless transition of cargo throughout each phase of delivery. With our expert knowledge of logistics and exceptional, personalised customer service, our solutions are flexible to your requirements.

Even in the event that USL does not have its own warehousing facilities, the company can provide you with insightful guidance to find appropriate local storage solutions for your cargo.

When you hire USL to take care of your warehousing needs you can also expect to reduce the costs of reduced inventory, lower container storage costs and reduced demurrage bills. Contact us today to obtain more information about how you can benefit from our warehousing and storage solutions.


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