Storage Service

USL is the perfect solution for your logistics storage needs. We are an independent company with plenty of experience in storage, fulfilment and distribution facilities. Our services include pick & pack, customer service and administration to provide a bespoke solution to meet all of your requirements.

Our services include narrow aisle racking, unloading and handling of shipping containers, stock control and management, packing and labeling, transport and delivery. You also have the option between a short- or long-stay storage contract. You are in total control of your storage requirements.

No matter what service you need, USL will create a full strategic solution. We are dedicated to making your freight storage as easy as possible. We are also fully insured to store your cargo from fire, theft or flooding so there’s no need to worry about losing your stock to damages.

USL also takes security very seriously. The USL pallet storage unit is completely secure. No one except you and authorised personnel can access your goods. We also ensure that your stock can be accessed easily when it’s needed to be shipped to its destination.

For expert storage and fulfilment services, USL is the company to call. We offer competitive rates to ensure you get a high-quality service and value for money. Keep your cargo safe and when you need it back, or delivered to a customer/new location, we will take care of the delivery. Our delivery team is trained to ensure consistent high standards.

Contact us today to obtain more information about how you can benefit from our storage solutions.

If you require other forms of logistics and freight transportation, we can still help fulfil your needs. We are a leading logistics company, offering services such as air freight, sea freight and warehousing. Each department has a dedicated team of experts to meet your requirements. Get in touch with us to find your ideal form of freight transportation.


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