Import Service

USL’s import service teams have vast experience to ensure your bespoke requirements are met efficiently and within budget. If you control the shipment itself, we can help you with bringing the cargo ashore into your destination and arrange a number of necessary procedures, such as clearing customs, the payment of Duty, VAT and other charges, and delivering the goods to your chosen warehouse.

If you have purchased your products Ex Works or Free on Board, provide us with the purchase order details. We will track its progress with the appropriate supplier and choreograph shipment in due course. Once it’s on its way, we will provide you with all reports related to your order.

As mentioned we can help you with clearing customs and relevant Duty levels. As the process advances, we will inform you of the documents needed to continue and ensure your cargo is cleared. We make the process as smooth as possible.

We also have post landing services. USL contacts the destination of your delivery and organises transportation to make sure it arrives safely. We liaise closely with shipping lines and the delivery destination. This is all part of our promise to provide personalised customer service. 

Contact us today to obtain more information about how you can benefit from our import solutions.


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