Air Freight Service

USL provides the complete air freight service. It’s our duty to get your goods from A to B. we have a team of air freight experts that arrange shipments on a regular basis to destinations all over the world.

We handle air freight so you don’t have to. USL ensures delivery of your cargo safely and on time. We plan the best routes, arrange all required bookings to make the most of passenger and freighter flights, take care of full load and split air charter flights and other associated air freight services. USL can provide you with any advice on these matters to satisfy your requirements.

Whether you need single documents or high-volume air cargo, we are on hand to help. We have vast experience in shipping goods and equipment from a range of industries so you’re cargo will be in safe hands. No matter if it’s consolidated or direct air freight shipments, we provide the optimal solution.

USL is committed to smooth and timely air freight to any destination. We have experts to organize efficient door-to-door or airport-to-airport air freight.  For the airport-to-airport air freight service, either drop off your goods to our drop-off depot yourself or arrange for someone to drop them off for you. When the goods arrive at the depot, ensure all necessary documentation is included. 

Furthermore, USL offers full cargo tracking so you can see where your cargo is at all times while en route. You will have all the key information at your fingertips. Contact us today to obtain more information about how you can benefit from our air freight solutions.

If you require other forms of logistics and freight transportation, we can still help fulfil your needs. We are a leading logistics company, offering services such as sea freight, courier and warehousing. Each department has a dedicated team of experts to meet your requirements. Get in touch with us to find your ideal form of freight transportation.


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